Gina Naomi Dennis

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Gina Naomi Dennis

City Council District 6

Tackle Failures of A.R.T. (bus transit)

To address the many, many failures of A.R.T. (bus transit), we will develop and implement a 90-day emergency assistance plan based on equitable relief. This means that we will do four things:

1) Your Public Input + Money From The Feds = Reduction Or Removal Of A.R.T. Injury And Harm.

Use Federal Government relief money, based on irreparable injury and harm. We will receive public input directly from our 17 neighborhoods and small businesses to create documents outlining all the injury and harm created by A.R.T. (bus transit) failures and providing an overview of methods and solutions to substantially lessen the harm.

2) Right Now, You Can’t Turn Left On Central Avenue; We’re Going To Fix It!

Use Federal Government money to address the flawed A.R.T. design elements that have caused harm. For example, right now, you can’t turn left on Central Avenue, and that’s a huge problem. In addition, bus lanes in the middle of the street create safety hazards, especially for our children, our elderly, and people with disabilities. We will receive public input from our 17 neighborhoods, our small businesses, and a panel of experts, such as engineers, architects, designers, ADA-disability advisors, and safety specialists. This public input will ensure that we address the flawed A.R.T. design elements in a proper way. The structures that are in the middle of Central Avenue will be addressed through public input. All solutions will be implemented in a manner that follows public input 100 percent, that eliminates adversity, and that returns the flow of traffic back to Central Avenue.

3) Let’s Bring Our Local, Small Businesses Back To Central Avenue.

Use Federal Small Business Administration (SBA) money to restore and re-incubate our local, small businesses that were crushed by the failures of A.R.T. (bus transit). Over 100 businesses were directly or indirectly harmed by A.R.T. (bus transit) failures. We will use SBA money to bring these businesses back to Central Avenue and get them up and running again. In addition, the businesses that stayed on Central Avenue during the A.R.T. crisis will also be supported with SBA funds to address their substantial revenue losses. We will develop revenue models and receive public input from our small businesses and our local, community-based economists, all of which will be conveyed to the SBA.

4) Let’s Create A City Financial Management Review Board, Operated By Our Residents.

Create a City Financial Management Review Board that is operated and led by our residents; this Board will require government transparency and government accountability of spending and project outcomes. This Board will regularly review the funding process of government projects, review the government-project documentation, and ensure that the City fulfills its promises.