Gina Naomi Dennis

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Gina Naomi Dennis

City Council District 6

Increase Street Lighting

1) Let’s Empower Our Residents With Knowledge About Street Lighting.

There is a huge difference between PNM lighting and City lighting because PNM has lights and the City has different lights. Even though PNM updated some lighting, the City still hasn’t put in mid-block lighting. Let’s bring knowledge directly to our neighbors in our 17 neighborhoods so that we can all have a full understanding of our street lighting infrastructure.

2) Let’s Get The Mid-Block Lighting That’s Been Missing In Some Of Our Neighborhoods.

Some of our neighborhoods have poor lighting, such as very dark areas and other totally absent lighting in mid-block areas. Some of our neighborhoods have been denied lighting for 20 years. With public input from our 17 neighborhoods, we can get the State capital outlay money and City funding needed to address the missing mid-block lighting in some of our neighborhoods.

There are a few neighborhoods that need assistance with improper outdoor lighting. With public input, we can develop a permanent solution.