Gina Naomi Dennis

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Gina Naomi Dennis

City Council District 6

Improve Community Safety

1) We Reduce Crime By Getting People Sober Because Crime Is Fueled By Addiction.

When we reduce addiction, we reduce crime. About 80 to 85 percent of crimes happen when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol. There’s a lot of addiction to opioids, including heroin. Dirty needles are everywhere, in our parks, our school playgrounds, and our alleys, making our children, our families, and our neighbors vulnerable to diseases and other harm. With public input from our 17 neighborhoods and our treatment-service providers, let’s give people direct access to sobriety treatment. Instead of expecting people to go to the service provider, let’s bring the sobriety treatment directly to the people. When we effectively address the underlying issue of addiction, then we reduce crime substantially.

2) Let’s Improve Police Response Time.

We are working to improve police response time so that in the future, if you need to call the police, they’ll show up and show up on time. This solution means improved organizational management and resource optimization within APD. For example, police officers with low call volumes will share beats with officers that have high call volumes.

3) Directly At The Scene Of A Crime, Let’s Increase Access To Addiction And Mental Health Professionals.

People who have committed a crime in our District often have an addiction or mental health issue, and they are funneled in and out of courtrooms and jails. This recidivism is a revolving door of crime fueled by the absence of professional treatment and severe mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. If a police officer, at the scene of a crime, sees that a person has an addiction or mental health issue, then the solution is to bring a civilian-crisis intervention professional directly to the scene of the crime who (a) diverts the person away from the revolving door of incarceration and (b) directs the person to the necessary treatment to stop the addiction or to address the mental health issue. This solution prevents future crime and creates a better quality of life for all. This saves taxpayer dollars and promotes community safety and health.