Gina Naomi Dennis

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Gina Naomi Dennis

City Council District 6

Address Vacant and Abandoned Properties

1) Let’s Create A Policy That Tracks The Full Status Of Vacant And Abandoned Properties (VAAP).

There are 3,000 Vacant and Abandoned Properties in our City, and many of those properties are residential homes that are literally rotting and attracting crime in this District. Right now, there is no policy mandate for any City, County, or State agency to track the full status of our Vacant and Abandoned Properties (VAAP). Let’s develop a policy that ensures the full tracking of every status of VAAP, from (a) identification of the VAAP to (b) code violations to (c) owner contact to (d) contract negotiations to (e) sale of the VAAP to (f) rehabilitation of the VAAP and to (g) purchase of the rehabilitated home.

2) Let’s Consistently Identify And Rehabilitate The Vacant And Abandoned Properties (VAAP) To Improve Our Quality Of Life.

We have an affordable housing dilemma in our District; some people cannot afford a home. Let’s consistently identify our Vacant and Abandoned Properties (VAAP), then rehabilitate the homes, and then sell the rehabilitated homes to first-time home buyers. Reducing the number of VAAP in our neighborhoods, improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods.