Gina Naomi Dennis

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Gina Naomi Dennis

City Council District 6

Address Speeding and Traffic

1) Let’s Divert Traffic Away From Lead, Coal, And Copper And Back To Central Avenue.

Right now, you can’t turn left on Central Avenue, and that is one key factor that pushes traffic over to Lead, Coal, and Copper. The overall goal is to divert the traffic away from Lead, Coal, and Copper, off the residential streets, and back to Central Avenue. We’re going to create an inclusive community process to identify multiple solutions for failed A.R.T. traffic impacts, which includes changing the flawed design so that you can turn left again on Central Avenue.

2) Our Neighborhood Groups Will Provide Leadership For The City’s Department Of Municipal Department (DMD) Regarding Lead-Coal-Copper.

Our empowered Neighborhood groups are seeking solutions to end the ongoing trauma of the dangerous road conditions, excessive speeding, and crashes on Lead, Coal, and Copper. With our Neighborhood groups leading the solutions, we will ensure: (a) that the Lead-Coal corridor is designated as a “Safety Corridor,” (b) that there’s a traffic policy, for Lead, Coal, and Copper, that prioritizes the safety and health of our residents, (c) that there’s a framework for implementation of mitigation measures on Lead, Coal, and Copper, which will inform and support initiatives to address traffic impacts in neighborhoods across Albuquerque, (d) that there’s a traffic management plan that will manage traffic on Lead, Coal, and Copper, in our neighborhoods, with an explicit recognition that they are narrow, route-restricted, side streets that are now highly sensitive to safety and health impacts, (e) that there’s an enforcement plan that includes enforcement of traffic and speeding, “slow down” signage, and driver education on green light synchronization, (f) that there’s transportation planning based on social and environmental fairness: an innovative and green future for Albuquerque will not be built by merely diverting the impacts of traffic from one street to another, and (g) that there’s a Lead-Coal interagency working group to: implement the down-classification of Lead-Coal from principal arterials; identify federal standards for roadway maintenance and management; identify federal environmental requirements; and inform and develop the Road Safety Audit.

3) Let’s Make Sure That The Road Safety Audit Happens.

After intense community pressure by our empowered Neighborhood groups, the City’s executive branch has requested a Road Safety Audit from Washington to Yale. Now, the City needs to act with the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) and the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) so that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) moves forward with the request. We need an open process so that our Neighborhood groups are an integral part of the multi-agency effort.